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 By Thomas F. Fischer

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Whose Child Is This?

Liturgical Use: Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: Greensleeves
Suggested Usage:

Whose Child Is This?

Whose Child is this, who laid to rest
In darkened tomb, is sleeping
While faithful friends and those He loved
Have fled and in fear now are weeping? 

Chorus: This, this is Christ, the King
Whom soldiers killed and now we sing!
“Hail! Hail! to the Lamb of God
The Lord, the Son of Mary!”

Why lies He in such horrid state
While guards their watch are keeping?
Good Christians, see that Your lifeless King,
The silenced Lord, is not breathing.

Chorus: Nails, spear have pierced Him through!
The cross He bore for me, for you.
Dead, now, is the Word made flesh
The Lord, the Son of Mary.

What sight is this that we behold!
Oh, see His body so still, so cold!
He died for those who rejected Him,
And now in His death, we adore Him.

Chorus: Christ, Christ, the Lamb was slain.
He shed His blood so that all might gain
Grace, love and eternal life—
E’en died for those who disowned Him!

So bring Him incense, spice, perfume
And roll the stone to embalm Him.
Wipe clean the blood which He gave for you.
And by it has paid our redemption.

Chorus: Come, see what the nails have done.
See how His blood our salvation won.
Joy, joy for Christ the Lamb
Sin’s ransom now is completed


 Copyright 2010 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

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