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What Is This Bread We Eat?

Liturgical Use: Communion
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: ďIn God, My Faithful GodĒ or "The God Of Abram
       Praise" ("Yigdal"
Suggested Usage: Communion

What Is This Bread We Eat?

 What is this bread we eat?
Itís Godís incarnate Son
Who died and rose, ascended high
On Godís own throne.
In, under and within,
This bread is His own flesh
Which givín for us by death and pain
Forgives our sins. 

What is this wine we drink?
Itís Christís most precious blood
Which from His holy veins had quenched
Guiltís drowning flood.
When we in faith partake
His very blood receive,
This wine, His blood, our strength revives
And guilt relieves.

 Each time we eat this bread,
Each time we drink this wine,
Unworthy sinners though we areÖ
With Christ we dine.
Lord, come to us we pray,
Be at Your Table now.
Come, give Your grace, Lord, as we kneel
And humbly bow. 

Those who believe this bread
Is Christís real body givín
Receive His body worthily
And grace receive.
And those who trust His blood
Is truly in this wine,
Drink worthily, discerning well
This gift divine.

 But those who do not see
With faithís eíer-trusting eyes,
Christís blood and body in this meal
His words despise.
On them Godís judgment wrests,
For they have been deceived,
For Christís own words, ďThis is,Ē invite us
To believe.

 All glory to the Lamb
Who was for sinners slain!
To Him all might and powír be givín
His Name proclaim!
Heís worthy for He died
And rose in victory.
Our Lord, Godís Lamb, our Victoryó
He comes again.

What is this bread we eat?
What is this wine we take?
They are Your body and Your blood
So we partake.
Lord, as You come today
In this most holy meal,
Come, Lord, reveal Yourself in us,
In presence real.

Copyright 2007 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God