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Jesus Is My Friend

Liturgical Use: General
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: To the meter of "God Will Make A Way"
Suggested Usage: Friendship Celebration, Valentine's Day

ďJesus Is My FriendĒ 


Jesus is my Friend, Heís my Friend in every need.
He cares for me, and died for me,
Jesus is my Friend indeed!
I will trust in Him To lead me every day.
To find His will and love Him still,
Jesus is my Friend, Jesus is my Friend.

Jesus, Youíre my Lord, My Savior, Rock and Shield
Iíll trust in You and eíer love You.
To You my life I freely yield.
All my heart and soul, my life, my mind, my all.
So take them, now, Use me, Lord,
I will follow You, I will follow You.

Iíll give thanks to You for all eternity.
You gave Your life to death for me
From all sin Iím now set free.
Jesus, what a Friend! He loves me to the end!
Came back to life and rose again
He gives me new life, He gives me new life.

Be with me, today, Forever and always.
Lord, never leave, donít go away,
Even when I go astray.
Help me, Lord, to go The way that You will show
Knowing You are always thereó
Jesus, my best Friend, Jesus, my best Friend.


 Copyright 2006 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God