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If My People Bow

Text: Thomas Fischer  (Based On II Chronicles 7:14)
Tune: "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" Picardy
Suggested Usage: Stewardship, National Day Of Prayer, General, Lent

If My People Bow

If My people bow before Me,
Worship Me with heart, mind and soul,
I will turn My ear and give them
Perfect peace to make them whole.
I will grant them love and mercy,
I will give them grace from on high.

If my people bow before Me--
If those who are called by My name--
Turn their ears to Me and listen
Open up their hearts and claim
Wondrous love and mercy,
Wondrous grace divine
Shall great joy in My presence find!

Now let all all the nations adore You
Now let heav'n and earth resound
Bringing endless praise before You
As we bow on hallowed ground.
Let the nations heed Your changeless, holy will,
 Turn our hearts that we may be healed.

Father, now we come before You
Savior, by your blood for us plead
Spirit, change our hearts to wisdom
Work in us faith's greatest deed.
Lord, turn now our hearts to heed Your holy way
Serving You in joy evíry day.


Suggestion: Verse 1 of  "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" May Be Used As A First Verse

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