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Hosanna Was Their Cry

Liturgical Use: Lent, Holy Week, Easter
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: "My Song Is Love Unknown" ("Love Unknown")
Suggested Usage: In whole or in part for various parts of Lent/Holy Week/Easter Observance.

"Hosanna Was Their Cry"

Palm Sunday

“Hosanna!” was their cry,
To David’s Royal Son,
They strew their coats and palms
Before the Chosen One.
But as He came, On lowly steed, 
They could not see their greatest need.

Maundy Thursday

With bread and wine He dined,
With friends with whom He shared,
His body in the bread and blood in vessel rare.
“Remember Me, You are my own
‘Til I return from heav’nly throne. 

Betrayed, with kiss so mean
So ugly, undeserved
Why would a friend so close
Betray to dreadful curse.
But by this deed, so long foretold
Would sin take o’er the earth it’s hold.

Before Pilate

He stood ‘fore Pilate’s throne
To let the masses choose
To free the Christ, the Lord
Or let a murd’rer loose.
And Pilate’s wife, could never know
The boundless love that Christ would show.

Pilate would wash his hands,
Would writhe in guilt and pain,
But crowds cry, “Crucify Him!
Let His blood be our gain.”
Oh, who could know, that by their cry
That in that blood was victory?

Good Friday

‘Fore Christ who hung in pain 
Were soldiers standing there.
They took His blood-stained robe
And cast their lots for His wares.
But did they know The lots they drew
Were made ‘gainst Him who loved them so.

In darkness our Lord hung,
In pain and grief He died.
No one His praises sung
None raised His praises high.
But Cent’rion, to cross had trod
Said “Surely He was Son of God.”

And, oh how sin’s pow’r fought
To win the bloody fight
By nailing Him to tree—
Oh, what a gruesome sight!
But lifted up, before our eyes,
Was God’s most wondrous sacrifice. 


But on that Easter day, 
By early morning’s light
The stone was rolled away
And darkness took to flight.
“For Christ has ris’n,” as angels said,
“He’s surely risen from the dead!”

Our vict’ry has been won,
Over Satan, sin and grave,
By Jesus Christ, His Son,
Whose death salvation gave.
The sun shines bright
Through all the world
Redemption’s banner’s now unfurled.

 Copyright 2008 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God