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God Is Able, Let Us See

Liturgical Use: Festival, Vision Sunday, Missions
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: Come, Ye Thankful People, Come (St. Georges Windsor) 

“God Is Able, Let Us See”
St. Georges Windsor)

Verse 1: God is able! Let us see
How He answers every need
Sends us grace through Christ, His Son.
Saves us now through grace alone.

God is able and will do
More than we can ask Him too!
God is able to provide
Glorious strength to you, His child.

 Verse 2: God is able to provide
When His grace in us resides--
Strength and hope and joy each day,
And when lost He finds our way.

God is able to give pow’r
Grace and strength for ev’ry hour

God is able and He gives
Abundant grace that we might live.

Verse 3: When we doubt what God can do,
When our greatest hopes fall through,
God is able to provide
Strength as broad as oceans wide.

God will raise us with His hand,
And to us reveal His plan
God is able to provide

Faith and hope to you, His child.

Verse 4: God gives grace to all He calls
Strengthens hearts, e’en when we fall.
Gives us sight, when all seems lost
Gives us hope in Jesus’ cross.

Moves our hearts to serve each day,
Following His call always.
God’s great pow’r to us exceeds
All creation’s greatest deeds.

Verse 5: Grace is wider than the sea,
Higher than the eye can see,
Longer than the longest way,
Deeper than love’s glorious ray.

All God gives surpasses all,
And His grace our hearts enthrall,
God is able and He gives
Untold grace that we might live.

Verse 6: Now to Him all glory be,
Praise the glorious Trinity.
Praise the God whose pow’r can do
‘measurably more than we can do.

God is able, God is true.
All He promises He’ll do.
By His cov’nant we will be
His for all eternity.

 Copyright 2009 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God