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 By Thomas F. Fischer

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Liturgical Songs

Behold, Our Lord Is Dying
Es Ist Ein Ros'

Liturgical Use: Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: Es Ist Ein Ros'
Suggested Usage:

Behold, Our Lord Is Dying
Es Ist Ein Ros'

Behold, our Lord is dying
Upon the cursed tree.
As prophets told, foreknowing—
He died for you and me.
He saved us by His blood.
Amid the shouts of sinners
Gave us God’s greatest good.

Isaiah had foretold it,
A tender Root would grow
With nothing to attract us,
A beauty none would know.
Despised, rejected, killed.
The Father's chosen ransom
By nails and hammer stilled.

Was pierced for our transgressions,
Was crushed for all our sins.
The punishment He suffered
Gives grace and peace within.
Now by His wounds we’re healed.
It was God’s will to harm Him
And to us grace reveal.

Oppressed and sore afflicted
He opened not His mouth.
Though led like lamb to slaughter
Was silent unto death.
Behold, the Lamb of God!
True Man and King of Glory—
The very Son of God.

Lord Jesus, Child of Mary,
You felt our human woe;
O Savior, King most Holy,
To us Your glory show
Today and evermore.
Lord, Jesus, tender Savior,
On us Your mercy pour.

 Copyright 2010 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God