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We Honor God And Country

Liturgical Use: Patriotic
Text: Thomas Fischer
Tune: The Church's One Foundation ("Aurelia")
Suggested Usage: National Holidays

We Honor God And Country

 We honor God and country
We honor hope and love,
We honor timeless freedoms
From God in heav’n above.
We honor His Son, Jesus,
Who died to save us all.
To Christ, alone, be glory
On Him our praises fall.

Our heritage is freedom…
To worship Christ as Lord.
Our heritage is freedom…
To preach God’s Holy Word.
And in this blessed freedom
We honor this great land.
For in this blessed freedom
We’re guided by God’s hand.

By You, we're all created,
Your loving will to do.
Black, white—it makes no difference
For all are one in You.
You judge not by appearance—
You judge not by one’s race.
In You there is no difference,
In Christ there’s endless grace.

 So Lord, bless this great country
So beautiful and blessed!
Lord, bless all of our leaders,
May they, in You, find rest.
Move them to rule in justice
Uphold Your truth and will.
For where there’s grace and freedom
Your plan is e’er fulfilled.

May every nation praise You,
May every tongue proclaim
Your Son as Lord and Savior,
The Name above all names.
And may all nations honor
The Holy Trinity.
To You, Lord, Father, Spirit
And Son all glory be!

 Copyright 2010 Thomas F. Fischer and
All Rights Reserved.

To God